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What happened to the former GetGlue / TVTag?

GetGlue/TVTag does not exist anymore.  

Telfie is not linked in any way or form to GetGlue or TVTag. We are a completely new and different team.

We are in the process of developing a platform that will have similar services to the ones formerly offered by GetGlue/TVTag.


  • At this moment in time, we do not offer free sticker-sheets
  • You need to earn or buy credits
  • We do not have big investors or capital behind Telfie
  • Telfie is run by volunteers and people all over the world
  • We are still in development stages and improving our services daily

If you're interested in Telfie, download the Telfie app for free or visit   

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  1. Name Last Name (No Name)

    Joke & lies. This Erwin dude had mommy & daddy buy out getglue which was awesome..... and then when people were willing to pay to get more that 20 stickers a month, they sell not only to ERWIN and his international friends who are prob Russians & Koreans but our information as well so saying you have nothing to do w/ getglue or tv.time is a LIE when I first signed up w “telfie” to see what it was like- it said I was already a member thru GETGLUE!!!!!!!!!! & that tvtime so’ 

    Go on and continue to fail. And honestly since getglue failed major and I sat and wasted days and hours of my life unlocking stuff just to promote that stuff to not get a chance to get my over 3000 stickers or never to have had an option to buy them I hope this system fails as well and people get tired of just throwing away their time for some overpriced sticker sheets of 20.